Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Mini update.

In between swallowing bug spray (Note to self: chasing a fly around the apartment spraying a can of ant & roach killer is not the best idea)....

I got to see Ghetto Songbird rock out:

The venue wasn't that great (I think I was inside a random room in somebody's house) but I've realised there's something about watching a black chick (yeah, I said it!) rock out:

She sounds a little like Skin from Skunk Anansie. She gave me her EP, which I will listen to at some point.

As well as working on my novel. I'm really focusing on my character development at the moment and sorting the majors from the minors. Sounds easy, but it's actually tough work...whose to say a minor won't actually turn out to be a major later on in my story? So many ideas and twists and turns for this novel. I know it will be finished, but there are some days when I feel I over think everything and nothing gets done/decided. Aiming to nip that in the bud! But I'm reading and learning so much - which is always good.

Went to Duafe hair salon - apparently it's Jill Scotts haunt when she's in town. Didn't see Jill and didn't take any photos (I was too busy getting a head massage and my natural tresses smothered in some mango smelling goodness!), but they have a gallery of magzine covers and features where they styled the hair. So I was in good hands!

Thought for the day:
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